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So the Brexit deal was supposed to mean neither barriers nor tariffs? Tell that to the Fish Traders.

There are predictable problems with the new systems, intensified by the British Authorities being overzealous (ie unloading and checking every single box on a refrigerated lorry to check for correct labels) and the French being, well, very French. There are significant costs involved (tens of thousands) which seem to be the same for both large and small operators. When the latter reflect those in their prices, they immediately become uncompetitive with the former, which seems so unfair. These barriers seem very real and we can only hope that Governments on both sides of the Channel wake up to this and get it sorted.

Add in different definitions of acceptable Covid tests – cue havoc.

With Lockdown#3 seemingly stretching further everytime Boris pronounces, the Hospitality industry, who take so much of the posher end of the fishy spectrum, looks to be banjaxed for at least the near and medium term future. 

All this has also meant that the fish prices have gone up and down quicker than a whore’s draws, which has caused a number of boats not to put to sea, thus causing a vicious circle.

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