Our Ingredients


We buy our fish through one of the industry’s leading experts. He understands that we will only take the very finest fish, and also that some sources are better at different times of the year.

We source our fish from farms which are situated in areas of strong currents and big tides – this means they swim far more, which produces a leaner and meaner texture – no ghastly oiliness with our fish.


These come from our own farm, where sparkling springs feed our 38 ponds full of brown and rainbow trout. We’ve been raising fish for re- stocking into the rivers of southern England for nearly 50 years. We’ve always produced less fish per pond than a table farm and feed them like the champions they are – so they’re not flabby or muddy tasting. Quite a few of our regulars prefer the smoked trout to salmon.


These come from the North Sea for the finest quality and consistently large size. They arrive here full of oil and goodness. Our smoked mackerel are not the dried out husks that you’ll find hiding in your local hypermarket.


South-west herrings are currently too small for a hearty appetite, so we source ours from the North Sea. They’re large and juicy and recently featured on Channel 4 with Jimmy Doherty on Food Unwrapped

Smoked Prawns

These prawns are utterly delicious. So delicately smoked for a sweet yet moist flavour. From the seas around Greenland.

Smoked Haddock

From the waters surrounding the Jurassic Coast, our haddock are naturally smoked – not those dreadful yellow dyed husks you see in Supermarkets.

Smoked Eel

We source our Eel from producers signed up to the Sustainable Eel Group standards. Originating in the SW, they are reared on in Holland, and sent back to us on maturity. Once smoked, they are a revelation.

Duck and Chicken Breasts  

These come from Devon and are all free range. They’re reared on a low density GM-free diet which is completely free of antibiotics or growth promoters.


We use rolled haunches of red deer, reared in a Hampshire deer park.

Smoked Bacon

Our bacon is locally sourced from Dorset. The flavour is superb.

Smoked Pastrami

Again the silver side of beef we use is sourced locally from within Dorset. This Pastrami packs a punch but is sooo more-ish.

Fresh Fish

We supply fresh fish from the South West directly to you. These are spanking fresh and filleted superbly. The only varieties that are not filleted are Turbot (tranched) and Brill (sometimes tranched, depending on the size of the fish).


locally sourced and some of the finest you’ll find. They’re sent out to you with lashings of chill packs. Remember that our oysters are pacific/rock which means that unlike their native cousins, they can be eaten every month of the year.

Game Meat

We supply fresh game breasts when abundant in season, and from our freezer when not. The quality of the frozen product is every bit as good as the fresh.

We also supply smoked grouse – and, on request, partridges.